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EasyCrystal Cartridge Pack (250/300) with Carbon


Tetra Easy Crystal Filter Pack C 250 / 300 with carbon is a replacement filter cartridge suitable for the Tetra Easy Crystal Filter Box 250 and Tetra Easy Crystal Filter Box 300 (also sold in Tetra Aqua Art and Tetra Starter Line aquariums). For crystal clear, healthy water, replace every 4 weeks. Contains 3 filter cartridges.

The filter cartridge contains:

  • Double-layered Filter Floss Pads reliably remove even the tiniest particles.
  • White side – coarse pre-filter.
  • Green side – fine filter.
  • Activated carbon which absorbs odours and discolouration.


  • When replacing a Tetra Easy Crystal Filter cartridge, we recommended the use of Tetra Filter Active to make sure that lost filter bacteria is quickly restored.
  • The filter cartridge must be placed into the filter with the green side facing towards the front of the unit.

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