About Us

Tetra is known as “The global leader in aquatics”. Tetra has been around since 1951. We’re the largest global manufacturer of ornamental fish food and the acknowledged global authority. We offer thousands of products and serve more than 1,000 dealers worldwide. 


1950s – A Fishkeeping revolution 

In 1951, the natural scientist Dr Ulrich Baensch registered the company Tropenhaus (later Tetra) in Hanover. Two years later, he founded the BioMin laboratory, where he was able to test and further develop his products. During this time, he introduced many innovations to the market and applied for several patents. 

1960s – Developing the brand 

In 1962, the company headquarters with around 20 employees was moved to Melle and renamed Tetra Kraft Werke. At that time, Dr Baensch had already registered 15 patents for manufacturing processes and 20 trademarks. The company also published its first aquarium magazine, Die Wasserfloh-Post. 

1970s – Globalisation 

At the beginning of the 1970s, production was expanded to the new site in Offelten. Tetra then had about 420 employees. At that time, the first Tetra expedition to the Amazon was undertaken. In 1974, the company was sold to the American group Warner-Lambert, thereby taking its first step towards globalisation. 

1980s – Conquering Garden ponds 

At this time, garden ponds were becoming increasingly popular, and Tetra presented Tetra Pond, its first complete product range in the garden pond sector comprising food, care, and technology. The innovative Pond Sticks float on the garden pond’s surface so that you can watch the fish eating undisturbed. 

1990s – Times of change 

Tetra opened branch offices in Blacksburg (VA) and Morris Plains (NJ). Warehousing and distribution were combined in the Tetra Logistics Centre in Melle, and the Tetra Aquarium was opened at Osnabrück Zoo. 

2000s – Developing the brand 

In 2005, the American consumer goods group, Spectrum Brands, took over the company. The site in Melle was expanded to accommodate the filling and packaging production that was to be relocated from Offelten to Melle. The 8in1 brand was also integrated at the Melle site. 

Today – New brands, new markets 

In recent years, quality assurance was implemented in accordance with IFS Food (International Featured Standard) and the brand’s design was relaunched globally. We now hold a unique number of patents on products, technologies, and manufacturing processes. 

Tetra’s Quality pledge 

Research and Development 

With our unique product developments, we have made it our goal to make care for the underwater world as easy as possible. This allows aquarium owners to provide their ornamental fish with a natural, species-appropriate environment with little effort. For this purpose, we have the largest research and development department in the industry, in which new innovative products of the highest quality standards are constantly developed. 

Production and quality management 

Thanks to decades of experience in the production of fishkeeping products, we can ensure the flawless quality of our products. The mostly automated production of feed and care products for the entire global market takes place at our company’s site in Melle. To guarantee consistent quality, we carry out constant quality controls at various points in the ongoing operations according to strict specifications.  

Our awards 

Tetra has received many awards. Including “Brand of the Year”, “Innovation through Research”, “Brand of the Century”, “Encyclopaedia of German World Market Leaders”, and “Best online brand image”. 


World Branding Award 

Tetra won the prestigious Brand of the Year award in the category fish food.  

Awarded as 115,000 consumers from 6 continents combined with global consumer market research have shown that Tetra’s fish food is exceptional. 


Highest Quality 

Tetra has been recognized as the best German brand in aquatics based on an analysis of over 438 million online sources that evaluated product and service, accessibility, customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality. 


Brand of the Century 

Tetra has long been established as one of Germany’s leading brands, which is why, in 2022, it has been named “Brand of the century” and included in the prestigious German Standards – Brands of the Century encyclopaedia with around 200 other major German companies 


German Brand Award 

Tetra has been recognized as an “Excellent Brand” for its successful and innovative brand management at the German Branding Awards in Berlin. Tetra has a strong position on the market, establishing a significant advantage over its rivals and making the brand extremely attractive to consumers.    


World Branding Award 

Tetra has been recognized by more than 60,000 animal lovers from all over the world as the winner in the winner in the fish food category for the Animalis Edition of the World Branding Award. This shows that Tetra knows the wishes of its target groups exactly and implements them in product developments.  


R&D Award 

Tetra has been honoured with the “Innovative through Research” award for its outstanding R&D department consisting of highly qualified employees, including biologists, chemists, veterinarians, and process engineers that are responsible for new and further product development as well as for the in-house quality management. Additionally, the award recognizes Tetra’s willingness and efforts to discover new innovations. 


Brand of the Century 

Tetra is one of the “Stars 2016” and was voted “Brand of the Century”. This guarantees that Tetra has been successfully selected for its unique position in the aquatic industry as the quality leader in fish food.  


Encyclopaedia of German World Market Leaders 

Tetra has been included in the encyclopaedia of the German world market leaders. This encyclopaedia documents German companies that are characterized by their exceptional position in their industries and general innovative strength.   


R&D Award 

Tetra’s research and development department has been awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal of approval. This confirms that Tetra always succeeds in developing new and innovative products and thus making the joy of aquatics more accessible for everyone.  


Brand of the Century 

As “The brand of the century”, Tetra and its main product TetraMin are exemplary for the entire aquatic industry. This makes Tetra one of around 250 leading German brands that have been included in the prestigious encyclopaedia that goes in hand with winning the award. 


The Pet Supplier of the Year 

Tetra has been awarded “The Pet Supplier of the Year” award. The pet trade recognized Tetra for its first-class, tailor-made products that meet the needs of consumers as well as the active support for specialist trade partners with topic-related promotions to generate growth on both sides. 


Brand of the Century 

Voted by a jury of business insiders, Tetra has been recognized as the top German brand in the fish food category. This award as both confirmation of Tetra’s comprehensive brand strategy as well as an incentive for the future.